Licensing For Retailers


The Lottery provides retailers with a variety of equipment to assist in selling Lottery tickets. Our sales representatives can discuss with you which pieces make sense for your location.

Wireless Communications Equipment

The Lottery is 98% wireless in its communications systems. We use either satellite or radio technology depending on the specifics for a given retailer location. The dish or antennas are mounted on the roof of your building. This requires the consent of the building owner if you are leasing the building. Satellites are placed on pads and weighted down with cement blocks for protection from high winds. We cable to the terminal only through existing roof penetration points. We do not drill new holes in the roof.

Below are links to further information on wireless technology used with the Lottery terminal that will be placed in your location.

Frequently Asked Questions on Wireless Technology PDF

Overview of Altura Terminal Electrical and Counter Space PDF

Retailer Installation Checklist for Altura Terminal PDF