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General Contractor Becomes Richland's Newest Millionaire

OLYMPIA: On Tuesday, May 7, Robert Enlow of Richland claimed the $1 Million prize playing Washington’s Lottery "Mega Multiplier" Scratch game. He bought four $20 Scratch tickets on Monday, May 6, and realized he won that evening at home. The third of the four tickets was the winner and he said, "It took a second to soak in." The first thing he did was call his bookkeeper, which is also his best friend. He said, "All decisions are made through her."

Enlow, a General Contractor, plans to put some of the prize money towards his company, Enlow Handy Dandy Construction. He said, "This isn't going to slow me down, but just elevate things. I'm going to branch out. I normally do remodels, but I'd like to build a home and sell it instead." He plans to put the remainder of the money in the bank to save for retirement.

He purchased the winning ticket at the Lucky Food Mart at 22 Goethals Drive in Richland. This is the retailer's biggest win in the past three years (January 1, 2009). Enlow said he occasionally purchases Scratch tickets and plays Powerball, Mega Millions and Lotto when the jackpots get big, but has never won more than $500. "You always dream about winning it and now it happened," Enlow said of this win.

Only a few other Tri-Cities residents are able to say the same. The last time the region had a win this big was on April 8, 2013. A woman from Benton City also won $1 Million dollars playing the "Washington Millionaire V" Scratch game. Prior to that, a man from Kennewick won $2 Million playing Powerball on July 16, 2012.

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