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Another Vancouver Area Resident Wins Washington's Lottery; Becomes $1 Million Richer on Father's Day Playing Scratch

A Vancouver man gave himself an unbelievable Father's Day gift when he purchased a Washington's Lottery Mega Multiplier Scratch ticket at Quick Shop Minit Mart at 12604 NW 36th Ave. in Vancouver that day and subsequently became $1 million richer. He waited a few weeks to cash in his prize at the Vancouver Lottery office so he could consider what to do with his winnings. When he claimed the prize on June 23, he said, "I was in disbelief, but now I plan to make good use of this money."

The winner will help others first. He has decided to replace the roof on his church, and plans to "do some good" for his children, and invest the rest.

The winner says he plays Washington's Lottery frequently—usually Scratch games—on which he has won hundreds of dollars in prizes on different occasions. He told Lottery officials he has friends who have won $50,000 and $200,000 on Scratch games, too. And, while he doesn't claim to have any superstitions while playing, he does have a lucky number. "There is a number that seems to favor me—that's the number that I happened to win on. When that number shows up on a ticket, I feel lucky." The winner didn't name what the lucky figure was.

The Vancouver area has had several big winners in recent months. In fact, this is the ninth Washington's Lottery player to claim $30,000 or more from the Vancouver Regional Office since March 2014.

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