30 Years of Games

Since 1982 the Lottery has launched over 1,000 different Scratch Games. When the Lottery started there was ONE Scratch ticket available. Now there are approximately 35 Scratch tickets out at one time!

  • Washington Pot O' Gold, the first
    Scratch ticket in the state.

    Pot O' Gold Thumbnail
  • Washington Doubler: In 1983, the first
    Scratch ticket in Washington with a
    doubler feature was introduced.

    Washington Doubler Thumbnail
  • Triple Choice launches as the first
    Draw game.

    Washington's Lottery's flagship
    Jackpot game, Lotto launches. This
    game has paid out over $1 billion*
    to winners since its inception.

    Jackpots start at $1,000,000* and roll over until someone wins.
    Check out today's Lotto jackpot.

  • Triple Choice changes name to the
    Daily Game. With daily* drawings and
    top payouts of $500 it’s a great way to
    imagine a little bigger every day.

    *Sunday drawings began in 1992

  • Fifth anniversary of Lotto. There
    have been 204 Lotto Jackpot
    winners so far.

  • Quinto launches as the newest
    Draw game since 1984. In the first
    drawing in May of that year a
    Tacoma woman won $100,000*.

  • Daily Keno launches with a
    maximum jackpot of $500,000*.

    You could win up to $1,000* on a $1 bet—it all depends on the bet
    value and the number of spots you choose to play.


    Our 10th Anniversary Scratch ticket in
    1992 had a 70% payout, the highest to
    that point in Washington's Lottery history.

    10th Anniversary Thumbnail

    The Daily Game now includes
    Sunday drawings.

  • In 1993, our Walla Walla Walla Scratch
    ticket was the first ticket in Washington
    State—and second nationally—to be
    printed on recyclable paper.

    Walla Walla Walla Thumbnail

    Top Banana, the 100th Scratch
    game launched.

    Top Banana
  • Bingo launches. This $2 Scratch
    game has 4 separate games, and
    multiple chances to win on one ticket.


    1,000th Lotto drawing.
    That drawing's numbers netted
    39,392 winners in Washington.

  • The Lottery introduces the first
    $5 Scratch ticket launched just
    in time for the holidays.

    Holiday Surprise
  • Football Fever, the first $3 Scratch
    ticket launched in Washington.

    Football Fever
  • In 2000, the Puyallup Fair 100th
    Scratch ticket was
    created to celebrate the Fair
    as a Washington institution.

    Puyallup Fair 100th Anniversary Thumbnail

    $250,000 Cash, the Lottery's first
    $10 Scratch ticket is introduced.

    $250,000 Cash
  • Lotto Wild Ride launches. An 8-week
    promotion with a weekly $50,000* prize.

    During this 8-week promotion players were given a weekly chance to win $50,000* and
    to drive away in a Mercedes CLK 320 Cabriolet with each $5 Lotto ticket purchase.

  • Washington's Lottery joined the multi-
    state lottery game, Mega Millions, as the
    first state west of the Mississippi to join.

    Washington’s first Mega Millions Jackpot winner was from Hoquiam, and claimed a
    $93 million* jackpot in November 2002—only two months after the Mega Millions launch.
    There are 9 ways to win in Mega Millions with drawings every Tuesday and Friday.
    Check out today's Mega Millions jackpot


    In 2002, two 20th Anniversary
    Scratch tickets were created.

    These are the winning tickets from the first design a ticket contest.

    20-20 Vision Thumbnail
    20 Grand Years Thumbnail

    Designed by
    Barry Hochstrasser
    from Tacoma

    Designed by Ben Garrison
    from Lynnwood

  • First $20 Scratch ticket launched.

    Today you can win up to $1,000,000* with any $20 Scratch ticket.

  • Hit 5 launches. Since the launch, we’ve
    had over 14 million total winners.

    Check out today's Hit 5 jackpot.

  • Since the launch we've had over
    3 million total Match 4 winners.

    In the last fiscal year, every week approximately 11 people won $10,000* playing
    Match 4. Best odds of winning $10,000* of any Washington's Lottery game.
    Check out the most recent Match 4 winning numbers.

  • Washington's Lottery joined the
    multi-state lottery game, Powerball.

    Jackpots start at $40 million* and roll over until someone wins it big.
    Check out today’s Powerball jackpot.

  • To thank Washingtonians for
    supporting Washington's Lottery,
    30th Anniversary Scratch
    ticket launched.

    30th Anniversary
  • Design a Scratch Ticket contest
    winning ticket produced.

    Design a Scratch Ticket