This Holiday Season Scratch It Forward.
A necessary gift for the mailman. Yes, he brings the bills, but also the gossip mags.
Perfect for all your coworkers. Even Jenny. Or is it Penny? Let's just say Jenny.
Share one with your barista. Or that person in line behind you. And the one behind them.
Ideal for the parking lot attendant. No one raises that little bar with so much gusto.

Odds of winning any prize in $5 "Happy Holidays" Scratch are 1 in 3.19, $2 "Frosty Crossword" Scratch are 1 in 3.38, $5 "Merry Tripler" Scratch are 1 in 3.19 and $1 "Holiday Gift" Scratch are 1 in 3.77. Must be 18 or older to purchase.