Licensing For Retailers

Application Forms

All businesses must comply with the criteria set forth in RCW 67.70 and Title 315 WAC.

Please fill out all forms completely. We have discovered the biggest reasons for delays in the licensing process are incomplete and/or missing forms.

Once all forms have been completed, you can mail them to:
Washington's Lottery
PO Box 43031
Olympia, WA

There are four Lottery forms to fill out and one or more Business Licensing forms.

W-9 form

EFT Authorization form

Accessibility Affidavit

Personal/Criminal History form

Wireless Installation Permission

Business License Application

Corporate Information form

Limited Liability Company Information form

Change in Governing People form

Personal/Criminal History forms must be completed by:

  • Owner(s) and spouse(s) of Sole Proprietors
  • Partner(s) and spouse(s) of each Partnership
  • General partner(s) and spouse(s) of Limited Partnerships
  • Limited partner(s) of Limited Partnerships
  • Officers, members/managers, any authorized signatory of documents and any 10% or more stockholder(s).

Complete the Process

All retailers who are licensed must sign a Retailer Contract to complete the establishment of a business relationship with Washington's Lottery.

We install wireless communications equipment at 98% of all retailer locations. You will need to have the building owner sign a wireless installation permission form for us to install the communication equipment.

If you and/or the building owner are interested in more wireless equipment information, click here.