Licensing For Retailers

Retailer Responsibilities


  • Offer Lottery products for sale during your posted business hours. Display current point-of-sale, responsible gaming and informational materials.
  • Ensure funds are available at your retail location to pay Lottery prizes under $600. (The Lottery understands that, at certain times of the day, having this much cash on the premises may be a security risk. Please speak with your Lottery District Sales Representative if you have any concerns.)
  • Attend free retailer training, provided by the Lottery, upon becoming a Lottery retailer and arrange free training for any new employees at any time.
  • Prominently display Lottery-provided equipment to help drive sales.


  • Pay for game sales by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
  • The Lottery account week is Sunday through Saturday. Retailers can use a report from their Lottery terminal to determine the amount due each week. That amount will be withdrawn (swept) from the EFT account on Tuesday.
  • Retailers are not required to pay for Scratch tickets upon delivery.
  • Payment for packs of Scratch tickets is due when the pack is settled through the Lottery’s computer system. Packs will automatically be “settled” after 80 percent of the winning tickets have been “validated” (redeemed for prize payment), or 50 days after pack activation, whichever occurs first.
  • Price points for Scratch tickets start at $1 and go up to $30. New price points may be introduced at any time.


  • As with any product in your store, secure the property of Washington’s Lottery and its contracted vendors.
  • Notify authorized vendor and/or Lottery District Sales Representative to report any equipment problems so we may promptly repair them and allow you to resume selling Lottery products.
  • Report any missing tickets (or major inventory discrepancy) promptly to Lottery Security so the Lottery can change the status of tickets to “stolen.” Our product is the only one to provide you with such a high level of security.