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Responsible Play

Voluntary Self Exclusion

Washington’s Lottery wants our players to keep it fun and know their limit, but research shows that a small number of people can experience negative effects such as overspending or a preoccupation with gambling.


Voluntary self-exclusion is one of the most widely used responsible gambling strategies. This process allows a person to voluntarily exclude themselves from gambling activities as a way of dealing with problematic gambling behavior.


Our Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program allows a player to request to be excluded from lottery activities within the state of Washington for a pre-determined length of time, and to be prohibited from collecting winnings over $600 or any second chance drawing prize. Each person seeking to enroll in the program acknowledges that it is their responsibility to refrain from engaging in lottery play and other activities offered by Washington’s Lottery such as My Lottery 360° and Points for Prizes®.


Participation in the Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program is a serious decision with binding legal consequences and should be made only after careful consideration. For more information, please click on the following links:


Frequently Asked Questions

Voluntary Self-Exclusion:

What is the purpose of voluntary self-exclusion?

The voluntary self-exclusion program is intended to help people control or limit their gambling.

Why is there more than one voluntary self-exclusion program in Washington?

There are different voluntary self-exclusion programs based on the type of gambling that is involved.  The Lottery offers a voluntary self-exclusion program for people who play our games. The Washington State Gambling Commission offers a similar program for people who play in cardrooms and other establishments they regulate.  Tribal casinos may be covered by that program or may offer their own program.

What does it mean to be self-excluded?

A person who has voluntarily self-excluded from the Lottery cannot win a cash or promotional prize over $600 or any second chance prize.  In addition, the person cannot enroll or maintain an account with the Lottery’s My Lottery 360° program.

Where can I find the laws and rules about voluntary self-exclusion? Can I still buy Lottery tickets while I am self-excluded?

Yes. Although the purpose of the program is to help people control their Lottery play, it isn’t possible for Lottery retailers and vending machines to check the voluntary self-exclusion list before making every sale.

Can I win any amount of money while I am self-excluded?

People enrolled in the voluntary self-exclusion program are prohibited from collecting any monetary, promotional, or merchandise prize valued at more than $600.

Can I win a second chance drawing while I am self-excluded?

No. People enrolled in the voluntary self-excluded program cannot win any prize in any second chance drawing.

Can I win merchandise prizes at fairs or events while I am self-excluded?

People enrolled in the voluntary self-exclusion program cannot win any prize valued at more than $600, including merchandise prizes and gift cards, at fairs or events.

What happens to my winnings if I try to claim a prize while I am self-excluded?

Any prize over $600 will be forfeited.  Monetary prizes are transferred to the state’s problem gambling account. Merchandise prizes are kept by the Lottery and used for future prizes.

What happens to my My Lottery 360° account while I am self-excluded?

The account will be locked during the period of enrollment in the voluntary self-exclusion program.  Any points that have accrued will expire based on the normal expiration date and no refund or replacement will be provided by the Lottery.

Can I redeem points for prizes on the mobile app while I am self-excluded?


Is there a person at the Lottery I can contact if I have questions about voluntary self-exclusion?

You can send questions about voluntary self-exclusion to

Where can I get more information about problem gambling?

The Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling can provide information, including resources for evaluation and treatment.  You can visit their website at or call or text the Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-800-547-6133. The Helpline is available 24/7.

Enrolling in the Program:

Where do I go to sign up?

You can enroll in the voluntary self-exclusion program by printing the form from the Lottery’s website, filling it out completely, and returning it to the Lottery in person or by mail. You must also provide proof of identity such as your driver’s license or passport.

Does the form have to be notarized?

Yes, if you choose to mail your application.  If you bring your form to a Lottery office, it does not have to be notarized.

Do I have to sign up in person?

You can return your form in person to a Lottery office.  If you prefer, you can mail your notarized form and a copy of your identification to the Lottery.

When will my enrollment begin?

You can select an enrollment date on the form.  If no date is selected, enrollment will begin on the next business day after the Lottery receives your completed form and identification.

Is my name/info confidential?

Any personal information collected by the Lottery that is related to participation in the voluntary self-exclusion program is confidential and will not be shared with the public.  It cannot be released to your spouse, relative, employer, etc.

Can I sign up another person (friend, family member, etc.)?

No. You can only enroll yourself. This is a voluntary program for a person to use for their own benefit only.

How long will I be self-excluded?

When you enroll, you will be able to select the period of participation.  The choices are one year, three years, or five years.

Exiting the Program:

Can I take myself off the program at any time?

No. Once you are enrolled for a selected period of time, you cannot change your mind or exit the program early.

Why can’t I take myself off?

The point of the program is to help people control their gambling.  Allowing people to change their status frequently does not help them.

Will the Lottery remind me when my enrollment is over?

Yes. We will send you an email when you have about 60 days left.  The email will be sent to any email address(es) you provided when you enrolled in the voluntary self-exclusion program. 

How can I extend my enrollment?

To avoid a gap in participation, you must submit a new application no later than 30 days before your enrollment ends.

Can I re-enroll later?

Yes.  You can always submit a new enrollment form.