Washington's Lottery has taken many steps to promote responsible use of resources. Our Sustainability Committee continually reviews practices and procedures for maximum economic and environmental efficiency. Following is a list of some of the Lottery's current efforts toward sustainability.

  • Recycle bins for each employee, plus extra receptacles in easily accessible areas throughout our buildings.
  • Each regional office has a large container that collects out of date brochures, point of sale advertising, newspapers and any other office recyclable materials which are collected and sent to recycling centers.
  • We have replaced all our passenger vehicles with hybrids. We have downsized all the vehicles used by our sales staff.
  • The Lottery participates in Puget Sound Energy's Green Power program, receiving approximately 38% of our office electricity from renewable sources.
  • Approximately 10% of Lottery personnel participate in our commute incentive program throughout the year. The program provides benefits to employees who carpool, use public transit systems, walk, or bike to work instead of driving a single occupancy vehicle, reducing vehicle emissions.
  • The Lottery headquarters office uses water-saving faucets. We dispose of fluorescent light bulbs and batteries responsibly.
  • We encourage our staff to turn off the lights in offices and cubicles while away in meetings or out of the office.
  • We make extensive use of videoconferencing to reduce travel.
  • We have eliminated over 30 printers, copiers and faxes in our offices.

We encourage you to join us in taking simple steps toward sustainability.