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Possible Reimbursement For Stolen Tickets Process

Effective December 8, 2022

Retailer Instructions:

To qualify for a reimbursement for stolen tickets, you must follow all steps below:

  • Instant (Scratch) tickets are not allowed to hang loosely from, or otherwise be located outside of, the in-counter dispenser during business hours;
  • After business hours, Instant (Scratch) tickets must be removed from the in-counter dispenser and secured in a locked room or container;
  • Instant (Scratch) tickets are given, or otherwise made accessible, to customers only after the purchase is complete; and
  • Keep current inventory of your tickets to include knowing the game number, pack number and last ticket sold.

If a theft occurs:

  • Promptly report the theft to the IGT stolen ticket hotline at 888.810.4357 within two hours of discovering the theft;
  • When reporting the theft to IGT, you must include game number, pack number and ticket range for all tickets stolen;
  • Promptly report the theft to your local law enforcement agency within two hours of discovering the theft;
  • If you have insurance coverage, you must report the theft to your insurance provider. Waived payment or reimbursement by the Lottery may supplement, but shall not be used in place of, available insurance coverage; and
  • In the case of a theft of activated Instant (Scratch) tickets from a retailer or a retailer’s licensed location, the Director may waive payment or reimburse the retailer for some or all the stolen tickets if all conditions are fully met as outlined in policy and WAC 315-04-180.

After contacting the IGT hotline, a Lottery investigator will contact you about the theft. The investigator will provide you the information needed to request a reimbursement if you have met the above criteria. A retailer shall only be approved for one (1) reimbursement in any 12-month period.

No reimbursements will be issued if the person who committed the theft, or is reasonably suspected to have committed the theft, is an employee of the retailer or a person who has more access to the Instant (Scratch) tickets than a typical retailer customer.

For questions regarding this process, please contact