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Become a Retailer

Application Process

All businesses must comply with the criteria set forth in RCW 67.70 and Title 315 WAC.

Click to Apply for your business license
Be sure to add the Lottery endorsement to your application.

For licensing questions please call: (360) 819-0719


Washington State Small Business Guide

Click for more info on how to plan, start and operate your business in Washington State.

Accessibility Requirements

Below are links to documents providing helpful information on tax incentives, restriping parking lots, etc. for accessibility purposes.

ADA Welcome Letter

English PDF | Korean PDF | Spanish PDF

Accessibility Guidelines

English PDF | Korean PDF | Spanish PDF

ADA Guide For Small Business

English PDF | Korean PDF | Spanish PDF

ADA Van Accessible Parking Spaces


ADA Restriping Parking Lots


Retailer Accessibility Program Minimum Guidelines


If you have questions about these requirements or other questions about ensuring accessibility, please call Leah White-Noreen, the Lottery’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator, at (360) 791-3045 or by Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) at (360) 810-2849.

When Becoming a Lottery Retailer

Set-up Costs

Fee Type Fee Amount When Paid
Department of Revenue
Business License Application
$19 With Application
Other Department
of Revenue Fees
Various* With Application
Lottery License (one-time fee) $25 With Application
Lottery Set-Up Fee,
First/Single Location
$200 After equipment is installed
and selling begins
Lottery Set-Up Fee,
Each Additional Location
$15 After equipment is installed
and selling begins
Lottery Administrative Fee $15 Weekly

*Other DOR one-time fees would include fees for each additional location after the first location, etc.


New Retailer Terminal and Peripherals.

A power supply needs to be within 8 feet of where Lottery equipment will be placed.

Wireless Communications Equipment

The Lottery is 98% wireless in its communications systems. We use either satellite or radio technology depending on the specifics for a given retailer location. The dish or antennas are mounted on the roof of your building. This requires the consent of the building owner if you are leasing the building. Satellites are placed on pads and weighted down with cement blocks for protection from high winds. We cable to the terminal only through existing roof penetration points. We do not drill new holes in the roof.

Purpose of Obtaining a Washington State Lottery License

Washington’s Lottery tickets are considered a controlled product and are sold and regulated by Washington’s Lottery and its licensed agents. The purpose of a Washington Lottery Retailer License is established under RCW 67.70.040(i). This legislation grants the power and authority of the Lottery Commission to license retailers as agents of the state lottery to sell or distribute tickets.

The office of the director of Washington’s Lottery is a designated law enforcement agency under RCW 67.70.330. The director shall have the power to enforce this chapter as well as the penal laws of this state that relate to the conduct of or participation in lottery activities and the manufacturing, importation, transportation, distribution, possession, and sale of equipment or paraphernalia used or for use in connection therewith.

What Retailers Get

Sales Commissions

5% commission on all Scratch ticket and Draw Game sales.

Stores may also be eligible for the following bonus if they sell a top tier prize as follows:

Lotto/Hit 5 = 1% of Jackpot/Cashpot
Mega Millions/Powerball Jackpot = $50,000
Mega Millions/Powerball 2nd tier = $10,000
Powerball Double Play Jackpot = $20,000

Note: The bonus will be split if there are multiple winners.